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RanD, reparatie electronische apparatuur en huisautomatisering (domotica) aan de Côte d'Azur. Verlichting,beveiliging en speciale projecten.
RanD woontechnologie IQ Controle IQ Comfort IQ Beveiliging.
Alarm installatie camera bewaking beveiliging huisautomatisering domotica verlichting riviera côte cote dazur cote d'azur paca Joep Jozef Helmes Cannes Nice Antibes Mandelieu Frejus St.Tropez Grasse iPhone Android.
IQ Livestyle technology
- Home Automation with intelligence

Your home comfortably lit, heated and secured with residential technology of IQ.
Arriving in a pleasant lit, heated and secure home? Simply controlled by your smartphone? Home Automation does not need not be an expensive solution.

The livestyle technology of IQ adjusts to your current home in a simple way and it will increase your comfort and your safety.

The IQ Technology consists of three components:
R a n D
des Installations de Qualité

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Control, for lighting
Comfort, for the heating