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RanD, reparatie electronische apparatuur en huisautomatisering (domotica) aan de Côte d'Azur. Verlichting,beveiliging en speciale projecten.
RanD woontechnologie IQ Controle IQ Comfort IQ Beveiliging.
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des Installations de Qualité
IQ Security
Nothing worse than unwanted guests in and around your home, but did you know that 9 out of 10 burglars run off as soon as they realize they are detected?
IQ Security component leaves nothing undetected.

How does IQ Security works?
At the front door is a door contact installed and in the corridor / hallway is a camera viewing the front door. There are also two motion detectors in the house: one in the living room and one in a place of your choice. The kitchen will have a smoke detector.
In case the alarm is activated, the control unit lights the lamp in the living room and the one outdoor, making it look like someone is present (called presence simulation).
If the alarm detects irregularity, a siren signals and the lights will start to flash. So as much as possible attention is attracted to your home.
If the alarm is activated and someone comes in or there is movement in one of the rooms with a detector, then the camera takes a picture and sends it immediately by e-mail to you. This e-mail  is visible on any smartphone, including a snapshot from the camera. Approximately 30 seconds after an alarm occured, you can see and read what was the cause of the alarm. You can now have look at the camera and take action.
Did you forget to turn on the alarm? Through your mobile, so also from within the UK, you can control  IQ security settings in your second home, just as you need it.

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